Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ard Boyz

After looking through the missions for Ard Boyz, specifically the bonus point sections are you guys changing your lists up?

I hesitated taking the Avatar, or at least running him as I normally do because of the HQ point dish out in mission 2. I am only running with 26 KP (10kp from 2 HQ's), but he seems like an easy +5 bonus points and I know I would target him if going against Eldar. Being a distraction unit is kind of the point of the Avatar so it might work even better than normal, but giving extra tourney points can be the kiss of death and I could switch him out for something more survivable.

I beefed up my core units for the same reason, anyone else switching it up to accommodate the scenarios?

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  1. Yeah, I too have changed my list for the scenarios. For that matter, after how much the scenarios changed my lists the last two years, I didn't even bother spending too much time thinking on lists until I saw the current ones.

    The big thing has been dropping any thoughts I had of extra HQ. I run a Farseer/Eldrad as my main HQ and I had thought to add in Yriel, an Avatar, or a second Farseer w Jetlocks depending on what I finally decided to run. That plan has gone out the window after seeing scenario 2.

    With the amount of anti-tank floating around in a typical 2.5K list... I think the Avatar being 5KP turns him from distraction to liability.