Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Practice: Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines

The practice game was mediocre at best. I stole all the 6’s leaving only 1’s for Larry’s dice for the first two entire turns making the match one sided from the get go and ruining any chance of really seeing either lists potential. My first turn immobilized a Rhino, destroyed the Defiler, and killed 3/5 of the Havoc team, not to mention put my units in a strategic position for the rest of the game. Larry’s turn was shortchanged when his left over Havoc shot a 14 at my Falcon and rolled a 6 (Destroyed – Explodes) on the chart but was quickly disregarded for a 2 (Crew – Stunned) due to the Holo-Field upgrade, and that was reverted to “Crew Shaken” because of Spirit Stones. His Dreadnought refused to cooperate four turns in a row creating unnecessary casualties, the Demon Prince never showed, and even the Terminators did not come out until the fourth turn. The other highlights where my harlequins being spanked by Possessed, a really badly placed Fire Dragon squad being stomped by Berzerkers, and me finally realizing what the fuss over terminators is all about. So what did I learn? Vehicle upgrades are worth it, Dire Avengers are better than I had imagined, and I need some sort of visual markers to keep from forgetting Doom and Fortune.


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  1. I think he won from the get go, headless avengers aren't much of a threat :P lucky start, and yes there called terminators for a reason