Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2k Eldar vs Ork Skirmish.

I spent a lot of time trying to place my terrain pieces in the center to slow the horde down as much as possible; when I lost the option to pick a starting position I realized just how scarce my cover was going to be. I wanted to protect myself from the defcoptas so I made a cover shield with the Harleys and put some scorpions out as bait. Harry has a tendency to kamikaze his coptas into taking out the biggest thing possible, and with his scout move and him going first, I wanted to bring everything in tight. The tanks in the back, the reavers behind cover, the monsters blocking them and the tanks, and the giant harley wall for the avengers. The scorpions where all dead by turn 2 (with my sorry rolls) but put 6 wounds on the copta squad and held them into position for the Dark Reapers on my second shooting phase. The Death Jester managed to pin a unit of bikes and the WraithLord took out the Ork Wagon all on turn 1, we had to cut this short after aggroing my wife. I need to learn a snare or debuff for when I grab that hate. 2k rescheduled for Saturday, time to revamp my list.

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