Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The List: 1.1

As far as my list goes I feel solid over the three heavy choices (Falcon, Wraithlord, Dark Reapers), and the two troop choices (Dire Avengers, Pathfinders), but the rest is negotiable. The Harlequins are exceptional but do they fill the slot better than Scorpions or Banshees? I am honestly not so sure, they have better survivability but the attention is on the immediate threat of the heavy’s. The Fire dragons seem great for anti heavy but I have yet to actually use/need them in any game with the rest of my list more than compensating for their role. I think I will swap them out for a fast attack unit to harass and dwindle while casting dispersions elsewhere. Swooping Hawks actually sound like a great antimob unit with the added bonus of tank stunner but their effectiveness seems somewhat shabby. Warp Spiders always have me feeling as if I am simply not clever enough to use them properly, and Vypers just sound too cheesy/glass to add to this heavy list. I think the Avatar is awesome but it may be unnecessary serving as a minor distraction at the most while my heavy’s seem to be the major focus. A few people refer to the Avatar as a great unit to simply suck up attacks and inspire core choices, which is great, but not if all the commotion is on the heavy’s. The Farseer is great, Doom and Fortune are must haves but I am worried I will face the same problem in fantasy with High Elves that I do here. I always take Teclis, or a generic High Elf Mage to fulfill a support role and never feel satisfied with the use of points. The mages are never in the right place or have to decide which unit to save while another dies and I am constantly worrying about how to best use them. I think the Eldar Farseers are better than High Elf Mages, Doom alone seems completely absurd and the potential makes it more than relevant if not a requirement.

1500 Pts - Eldar Roster - Altansar

HQ: Avatar (1#, 155 Pts)
1 Avatar @ 155 Pts
Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Fearless; Deamon; Inspiring; Molten Body; Wailing Doom (WD)

HQ: Farseer (1#, 188 Pts)
1 Farseer @ 188 Pts
Psyker; Doom ; Eldritch Storm ; Fortune ; Mind War ; Fleet; Ghost Helm (GH); Rune Armour (RAmr); Runes of Warding (RofWard); Spirit Stones (P:SpStn); Shuriken Pistol (Sp); Singing Spear (SSpr)

Elite: Fire Dragons (5#, 105 Pts)
4 Fire Dragons @ 105 Pts
Fleet; Fusion Gun (Fg); Melta Bombs
1 Fire Dragon Exarch @ [41] Pts
Fleet; Crack Shot (CS); Firepike; Melta Bombs

Elite: Harlequin Troupe (7#, 206 Pts)
5 Harlequin Troupe @ 206 Pts
Fleet; Flip Belts; Furious Charge; Hit & Run; Holo-Suit (H-S); Harlequins Kiss (Hkiss) (x5); Fusion Pistol (Fp); Fusion Pistol (Fp); Shuriken Pistol (x3); Hallucinogen Grenades
1 Harle Death Jester @ [28] Pts
Fleet; Flip Belts; Furious Charge; Hit & Run; Holo-Suit (H-S); Harlequin Shrieker Cannon (HSC); Hallucinogen Grenades
1 Harle Shadow Seer @ [48] Pts
Psyker; Veil Of Tears ; Fleet; Flip Belts; Furious Charge; Hit & Run; Holo-Suit (H-S); Close Combat Weapon; Shuriken Pistol (Sp); Hallucinogen Grenades

Troops: Pathfinders (Rangers) (5#, 120 Pts)
5 Pathfinders (Rangers) @ 120 Pts
Fleet; Infiltrate; Move Through Cover; Stealth; Ignore Difficult Terrain; Pathfinder Stealth; Scouts; Pathfinders; Shuriken Pistol (Sp) (x5); Ranger Long Rifle (RLRifle)

Troops: Dire Avengers (10#, 162 Pts)
9 Dire Avengers @ 162 Pts
Fleet; Avenger S-Catapult (ASC)
1 Dire Avenger Exarch @ [54] Pts
Fleet; Bladestorm (BS); Power Weapon; Shimmershield (Sshld)
1 Shimmershield @ [0] Pts

Heavy Support: Dark Reapers (5#, 197 Pts)
4 Dark Reapers @ 197 Pts
Reaper Launcher (RL)
1 Dark Reaper Exarch @ [57] Pts
Crack Shot (CS); Reaper Launcher (RL)

Heavy Support: Falcon (1#, 215 Pts)
1 Falcon @ 215 Pts
Holo-Field (Vehicle) (H-F); Spirit Stone (V:SpStn); Vectored Engines (VE); Starcannon (StrCan); Shuriken Cannon (SCan); Pulse Laser (PL)

Heavy Support: Wraithlord (1#, 150 Pts)
1 Wraithlord @ 150 Pts
Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Fearless; WraithSight; Flamer (x2); Bright Lance (BL); Scatter Laser (SctL)

Total Roster Cost: 1498

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