Friday, December 18, 2009

2010 New Year Resolution


1. I will not buy a new army 40k or Fantasy
I currently have 6 armies, 3 for each system (8k Eldar, 4k Dark Eldar, 6k Space Marines, 8k High Elves, 4k Dark Elves, 4k Wood Elves). I do not need a seventh army, no matter how awesome Daemons look, or the fact that I can use them for both fantasy and 40k.


2. I will finish basing my Eldar up to 3k
I bought the Dark Art Miniature Lava Bases and they have been sitting in a box unpainted for about 6 months. About 60 troop bases, and 6 large bases for Wraithlords and War Walkers.

3. I will finish painting my Eldar List up to 3k
Everything is 3 color tournament qualified, I just need to highlight all of it.

4. I will finish painting my Scorpion Super Heavy. Even if it will only see 3 games in the next year.

Dark Eldar

5. I will finish modeling/painting/highlighting my Dark Eldar up to 3k
I am currently playing jetbikes with no riders, or riders with no heads/arms, etc. I have been slowly modifying Dark Eldar with Dark Elf parts and I need to just finish it. About 50% is painted to a three color standard, the rest primed black

Space Marines

6. I will finish building my Blood Angel List up to 3k
I have 6k worth of hand me down Space Marines I want to turn into Blood Angels. No Drop Pods, no Baal Predators, no Rhinos, no Attack Bikes, and only 5 Assault Marines. I do have 30 some odd scouts, and 20 devastators, and 20 old school small based terminators that I will never use. If GW does drop a new Blood Angel’s codex in 2010, I would love to have this ready to go. I guess this is like buying a new army if you consider all the vehicles I need to find.

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