Saturday, August 8, 2009

3,500 Point Eldar vs Dark Angels on Sunday

We are going to take the first 6 missions from the Ard Boyz and D6 it.

The Force Organization chart is a little difficult to deal with but we did not want to bump up into an actual full fledge appocolypse game. I wanted to use some of the units that I typically leave in the foam but after agonizing over my list all week I still cannot find space for Shining Spears, Warp Spiders, Swooping Hawks, Vypers, War Walkers, etc, etc, etc. I never use any of the Eldar Fast attack options (save a Vyper squad on occasion) and it didn’t really hit me until now that aside from Vypers in a Saim Hann list, Eldar fast attack units are garbage. I could honestly never see a situation where I would be happy that my Warp Spiders or even Swooping Hawks came in on a Deep Strike. I love Scourges in Dark Eldar but the Lasblaster is no Splinter Cannon and the Exarch upgrades seem fun but not actually useful enough to replace anything I already use. If the Warp Spiders had an actual AP value I could see them dominating all over the board but taking close range pop shots are noth worth the mathmatical potentiality of “if you make them take enough saving throws they will fail some of them” Logic.

So, I typically favor Scorpions over Harlequins and Dark Lances over Fire Dragons but they made the list this time around and I will see how that goes. My biggest problem with Harlequins is that the unit does too much and I often find myself underutilizing their potential. I see a lot of horde armies and honestly, what would you rather throw at a mob of boys a full comand of Scorpions or a full comand of Harlequins? I was extremely temped to take two full commands of Wraithguards and Banshees but I think my list is solid enough without the slow pace of even more foot sloggers and a second group of girls might be unnecessary even if I will be up against a Death Wing full of Terminators.

My list is looking like

Farseers, Warlocks
Banshees, Harlequins, Fire Dragons
Dire Avengers, Wraithguards, Pathfinders
Wraithlords, Falcon

I will post my full list after the game with a report on how things went, wish me luck!

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